View Full Version : My Goal is...

06-03-2007, 08:45 PM
... to not set goals.

Because, for the first time ever I can not enjoy one jot of what I'm writing, and I've figured why.

True goals the way I have always understood them are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based.

When I read the never-ending sagas of "500th rejection", "writers paying to get their own work published", "most novels lose money"... I've realised attainable is impossible, measurable is a possibility if you go by rejections which seem to have a similar status to WW I veterans proudly showing their shrapnel wounds and the more the greater the honour. Seriously, who could be bothered?

Hello again to the world of writing for fun and not giving a blind shit if not one person on planet earth ever reads what I've written. Ironically, I might just end up with a novel that way. OK, I might be the only one to read it, but hey... it's attainable and measurable! And fuck some of the reading on here makes for depression if you ever had any sort of greater ambition.

Cathy C
06-03-2007, 09:17 PM
So long as you're stepping away from publication to make yourself happier, then go for it! Not everybody is suited to the industry. It's a tough road, and there's no shame in not wanting to walk it. Good luck, and keep on writing (for fun!) :)

Stijn Hommes
06-04-2007, 12:44 AM
When I read the never-ending sagas of "500th rejection", "writers paying to get their own work published", "most novels lose money"... I can't argue with Cathy, but don't base your decision on those threads. If you know how to revise query letters and avoid scams the first two aren't an issue with you and "most novels lose money" is the fault of the industry, but that doesn't stop them from publishing, you can still make money on it if you want.

06-04-2007, 02:52 AM
Thanks for both of your replies. And something I should say, I think I'm venting at my own frustrations, and I actually take my hat off to those who persevere and probably succeed in the end. I think it is good to have a forum to share that.

For me, I think I've realised that at the moment I'm too tired, there are too many things happening to take the "XXX words a day" disciplined approach, and I honestly believe that to basically not have long term goals is wise. The one thing I do for enjoyment I just don't want to kill by making it more work... my day job is work enough, along with other things going on in my life.

For the first time ever I've started a novel length work that is, for me, quite well outined. That in itself is quite an achievement. The irony is, I'm quite convinced I'm going to get more achieved and of better quality by not pressuring myself too much, and really enjoying the process. Maybe I'm just trying to run too fast. But I genuinely love the process, have never really cared about outcomes... and interestingly I seem to then produce work that isn't quite so much at the "crap" end of the scale.

Just part of the learning curve... maybe as it progresses I might get a feel that, hey this is worth aiming at submission. But I think I've realised that the big "want to be published" goal of most writers isn't necessarily mine. Not if I lose all enjoyment trying to get there.