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06-02-2007, 06:35 PM
Today, I completed the vast majority of my hard disk overhaul - Version 4.
I have replaced my old structure, based on one of my own ideas governing folder and file structure, with this one that is tried and tested.

All data now is easier to see at once, and there has been some interesting and important bits of knowledge released by the juxtaposition of information in the one folder, when they were previously placed in other folders.

There is unfortunately a downside.

The new structure provides me a good and ready overview of data stretching back 8-10 years. I can now clearly see one project in which I have spent maybe 1000s of hours, only to not bring it to fruition,for some reason lost in the dim past.As with other such business-oriented plans. And there is the research and time spent on some planned arts projects based on as-yet unfulfilled desire and wishes. I get a bit down when I see these.

Overall, it is important, and is a definite improvement over my previous manner of hard disk / information management.It has been part of a process developing over the past 8 years.This overhaul is but part of larger scale plans, and a long time coming. I am glad that it has finally come to pass.

06-02-2007, 08:00 PM
ATP, why is it that you always remind me of some pending task?

Anyway, congratulations on getting such a huge task done! :D