View Full Version : The greatest disaster book of all time

01-05-2005, 02:47 AM
I think I can hear the buzz saws cleaving all the trees needed to be pulped into paper for the almighty non-fiction disaster epic of all recorded history. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you
DAY OF THE TSUNAMI, or KILLER WAVE. When this unfortunate and untimely tragedy begins to wane (if it ever does), I can assure you that a plethora of "I Was There" books about the
killer wave that took so many lives, will glut the publishing houses from here to WEST of Krakatoa. Literally, millions of people survived this catastrophe and are going to be prey to inquiring, career-driven, opportunistic journalists and reporters who won't be able to hammer the keys fast enough, nor will the movie producers be able to clamor over each other quick enough, to get this true-account-Irwin-Allen-global-nightmare out to the morbid curiosity of the world's populace.

What's that pretty model's name, the one that lost her boyfriend? She's first on the list with her HANGING ON TO DEAR LIFE account. Mark me, I'll lay odds, and bet my shirt on it!

I do not mean to diminish this awful tragedy. But I've come to the realization that such death-driven disasters are big bucks in the entertainment industry. And I guess the reality is, is that this will play out like all human misfortune only on a more massive scale. I cannot even visualize or predict what kind of film saga could portray all of the aspects associated with this
calamity--something on the order of PEARL HARBOR, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, TITANIC, even those are small potatoes.

How in Gawd's name could you ever begin to grasp the scope and immensity of this subject, whether it be in book, T.V. or
Film? Only one book that I know of did a pretty good job of portraying such an epic, and it was FICTION. I believe it was called THE MOTE IN GOD'S EYE. What a blockbuster!

I have an ex-girlfriend who is V.P. for one of the major studios and caught wind of the crap that's already flying around the executive offices. Only every other major studio is trying to line up potential plots, scripts and exec producers at the same time! Every studio exec is exhibiting symptoms of quiet madness and hushed intensity. That's a sure sign that a Whopper is being formulated.

It went like this: "Uh, hi, honey. Sure has been a long 17 years. I was wondering if you needed anybody to knock out some pages, just in case, mind you, about, oh....something related to the Tsunami disaster that hap...

"You've never written a f**king screen play in your whole life, Chris!" CLICK!!!

Poor, poor Triceratops...his head was hung so low his big horns were plowing the dirt. Sniff...sniff...gulp.

I guess I had become one of those inquiring, career-driven, opportunistic, journalist/reporters bent on savaging the world with my brilliance. Guess I'll just write the book I'm on now...

May the God's keep those souls that perished on that fateful day. And may they give comfort to those who survived it.