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05-16-2007, 07:22 PM
Songs recorded here:

These are songs arranged for my band, out of thirty-some-odd that I've written over the past year. If you're interested in hearing more, I have a whole host of solo recordings that I'd be glad to share with anyone for free, particularly if you promise to come to a show. "Karma...." was written by my bassist, Nick R. Wong.

The picture in the frame is not the same
although it looks that way.
Perceptions of your face are commonplace
just like they were before
before you shut the door in my face.

The view from here
is sickeningly simple and sweet
and god damn,
I wish they gave lovers receipts.
I'd trade you in
for a tank of gasoline
and I'd never drive my car again.

As I cross the street, I turn to see
you before you leave my sight
and all the cars that squeal with brakes and wheels
sing an asphalt lullaby

The view from here
is sadder than an ant in the house
of Martha Stuart
when there's no crumbs around.
My mouth and my ears
are full of gasoline
I'll never drive my car again.
No, I'll never drive my car again.

The rocks on the hilltop
like mirrors reflect your stoned face,
and the moon on the skyline
is silent and still like the grave
of us both.
You've gotta tell me what you said to the sky
to make it Fall.
Little darling, you're a goddess after all,
can't you stop time?

The leaves that we sleep on
twenty one brown and one
plane ticket North.
I feel so frigid, but who is to blame?
The cold or your warmth?
You've got to fix what you've done to the sky.
Make it stop!

The end of the world is planned for tomorrow
and all you can do is take off your clothes.
Everything else you thought was conceivable
is flying with our wits out the window

so hold tight.

I met this girl at a party last night
I want you to see her. I want you to see
the way she moves in the light
on the front porch where we used to stand.
You're not around but she's grabbing my hand.
I want you to be her. I want you to be her.
Do you understand
that when you're tired
of all the childish displays
you can retire
and I'll ditch this girl like a drunk on the highway?
You and me, you and me...

I left her to dance in the other room
I want you to see her. I want you to see
but you can't see past your satin eyes
they're covered in tears.
Now her finger's in my hair
it's time to go home
she wants me to drive her
and leave you standing there.

So when you're tired
of all this fucking company,
you can retire
on the mattress you laid out in the hallway
for you and me
you and me,
but I won't be there.

So as you turn out the light,
remember that I tried to come back.