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05-08-2007, 08:04 PM
True story, I used to work at a super market and one time to break the ice, I asked this other guy who worked there what his favorite Batman movie was. This was probably around the time 'Forever was released but before B&R. I think he called me a (rhymes with lag) or a dork or something. Then again, the guy was such an angry jerk that he just yelled at me whenever we were within a few feet of each other regardless of we were speaking or not. Ever since then, I haven't broached the subject of movies or comics with any one in the general public.

Anyhow, in this thread I'll analyze everything Batman that I can remember. :D So provide your own comments if you want.

Hated it. Jack Napier killing Bruce's parents? Ugh. But atleast I liked "Wait till they get a load of me" and "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight" and "Bob, gun." I can't wait for another actor to finally step into the clown shoes.

I like it, and you like it, too. Too bad Michelle Pfiefer didn't make an appearance in any of the Batman sequels nor did she do her own Catwoman movie. YET that doesn't mean I hated CATWOMAN. Far from it. It was intended as a chick flick from the begining. Sad that the fanboys couldn't let go of their mysogny for five seconds to realize this.

Liked it despite the fact Two Face killed the Grayson family... I forget how many there were, but in the comic it was just the mother and father, not a bunch of brothers. And adding a two ton bomb to movie along with the Graysons attempting to dispose of it was an unnecesarry complication. Anyway, it was nice that they kept to the comic's origin of Two Face (who knew manilla folders were acid-proof?). :D Anyhow, these weakness were more than amply made up for by Jim Carrey's Riddler. He had the right amount of Frank Gorsham in his performance along with enough of his own personal material. And, jeez, his jealousy of Bruce Wayne because he was living in such a cruddy apartment before he turned bad guy is just priceless. His civilian life was nearly as terrible as Selina Kyle's was in BR. Oh, yeah... why wasn't Robin a tad younger? If he couldn't have been 8, they could have atleast have given the role to Edward "John Connor" Furlong. Kudos to Schmukaer for giving flashbacks to Bruce Wayne's younger years.

AHNOLD! While I could of done without the robe and fuzzy slippers, the skating cronies, and whatever it was he was watching on TV (too cheerful for an emotionally dead character), Ahnold did a fair job of being a villain. Bane could have been completely cut out of the movie to make it better. And I don't understand why Barbara is changed to being the "niece" of Alfred. If they can replace Billy Dee Williams with Tommy Lee Jones in the role of Harvey Dent, then they could have replaced fatso with a more credible Commissoner Gordon. And Alicia, honey, you shoulda dyed your damn hair red. :D Uma Thurman as a villainess was great. :D Super sexy and while watching the movie I almost forgot Michelle Pfiefer even lived. :D Talk about a hottie. Nice that Robin was wearing a version of the Nightwing costume.

No complaints. The ultimate Batman costume and Joker looked super awesome. :D

"The Man Who Falls" by Denny O'Niel. Reprinted in Batman Begins: The Movie and Other Tales of the Dark Knight.

Select the black box below with your cursor to view the spoiler text

p. 72 Batman standing on a ledge, thinking of pouncing on some thugs below.

p. 73 Young Bruce Wayne falling in that damn batcave for the first time.

p. 74 "He's got to learn," Thomas Wayne. Not exactly the best parenting moments ever shown from the dead couple....

p. 78 Regret.
79 The temple. (Not Alghul's.)

. 82 Ducard.

p. 84 short reprisal of Year One's failed first vigilante attempt outside of the mask. Cool.

Joker and Lex Luthor join forces in an attempt to kill off Superman. Batman and Superman both learn each other's secret identities in a matter of one-up-manship. And the coolest part is that Lois Lane is in love with Bruce Wayne, but hates the heck outta Batman. Imagine her surprise when she finds out his secret. :D From what I rememember, this show was the best drawn of either the Batman or Superman episodes. Afterward, Superman guest starred on Batman's show and vice versa. Harley Quinn and Luthor's mol Mercy have a few knock-down-drag-out fights along the way leaving both of them in seriously bad shape. :D