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01-03-2005, 11:11 AM
A thread in Writing Novel inspired me to post this game/prompt.

Choose a scene from your favorite movie (but not something that is too obscure). Try something simpler, unless you want to tackle the battle scene in Lord of the Rings -- go ahead. Watch it. Keep it playing over and over if you wish. Now, write the scene as you would a scene in your novel. Describe everything with as much detail as you would in an actual novel scene, if necessary to help the readers visual it: the characters, the settings, the props, the clothes, dialogue, actions, expressions, tones of voice, etc.

See if we can guess which scene it is, and most importantly, if you can capture the scene and make us visualize just as it is on screen.

01-13-2005, 08:32 AM
No takers?

OK, how about an assignment, then. Watch the movie "Pretty Woman" and write a scene on when the protagonists first meet....

01-22-2005, 11:13 PM
"Hey, you're pretty. Wanna be my arm candy?"




03-14-2005, 05:31 AM
:Coffee: The detective walks in and sits down in front of the suspect. The suspect is eyeing him warily because he has heard about this guy. The other detectives have a nickname for him but the suspect is a smart aleck and he thinks to himself.
Okay I know what he is thinking and yes he is going to ask me a question that I heard him ask my bro the other day.
But there is a hitch because then the detective reaches into his pocket and pulls out an apple.
He starts to take a bite out of it and he slowly chews on it.
The suspect squirms because wait a minute wasn't he suppose to pull out that big ole gun and spin the chamber. The same gun that he used the other day when he shot the punk on the street. Now he looks and sees that the detective just edges up to him closer. The glint in the steely eyes does not betray what he is about to say.
"Is this where you ask me did I count the shots?
The detective keeps eating but swallows what he has chewed.
"Nope punk but you are going to make my day." He chomps down on the apple, and spits out a seed. The suspect begins to sweat just enough for the detective to see him sweat.
"Actually this is the big apple and I am fixing to take a bite out of crime."
"But why the apple? Are you changing into Kojack?"
"Nope, he had a sucker and the only sucker sitting here is you punk. Now like I said this is the big apple and I have a problem you see."
"And that is what exactly."
"I have a problem with you punk and I am going to chew you up just like this apple and spit you out like a seed. I said I'm taking a bite out of crime."