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08-31-2004, 04:50 PM


Part of the series, 'Eternally Erotic Anthologies.' An eBook series of genre specific anthologies of around twenty stories per book , each story will be between 2,500 and 4,000 words long. This call is for the for next of these, entitled; 'Eternal Bonds.'

Guidelines; I seek strong stories portraying any aspect of BDSM, from the POV of either the Dominant or the submissive or both, of between 2,500 and 4,000 words. Original, unpublished works only, please. NO EXCEPTIONS as the e-book will be advertised as having content that has not been published anywhere else, in any format. Try to capture the essence of the uniqueness of BDSM in the erotic sense. Since the subject matter will be BDSM, consent will already be implied and it will be assumed that all activity will be part of the relationship between Top and bottom. However, if your story begins outwith a BDSM relationship, or before one is established, then be careful not to infringe consent and to make it reasonably clear where consent is given, either spoken or by action.

Submissions must ONLY be in the form of a RTF (rich text file) and attached to an email that contains your full authors bio and a declaration that the material is original, unpublished, and that you own the copyright. Send your email, entitled 'Eternal Bonds,' to submissions@logical-lust.com. Any deviation from this will result in the submission being ignored or deleted. The deadline for submissions is 30th Sept 2004. The aim is to have this first e-book on sale by the end of Nov 2004.

Payment;&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Equal share of 75% of the net sales revenue, for each story published, and up to 5 downloadable copies of the e-book.

Rights; Logical-Lust will retain first publishing rights, which will be exclusive for a period of one year from date of publishing. After this period of time each author is then free to grant secondary publishing rights with the condition that the anthology is cited as the primary source of the material.

Once published, the e-books will remain on sale with no maximum time period set. It will be sold through both eternallyerotic.com and logical-lust.com, and other sources that may become available, or viable.

Info & queries to editor@logical-lust.com