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08-31-2004, 04:53 PM

Publisher - Logical Lust Publications.


'Sub-Lingual' will be a collection of around 6 erotic fiction stories of submissive women, told from the viewpoint of the submissive. Initially this will be published in ebook format.

Guidelines; stories are to be 15,000 to 20,000 words long, and must be written in the first person, from the submissive's POV. What's NOT required are stories that are simply a collection of scenes about BDSM, SM, or spanking. Nor are we looking for stories about power or domination, or about women becoming submissives - that's all been done before. What we really want are believable erotic stories about submissive women, with strong, interesting plots, that contain well developed characters. The stories don't necessarily need to focus solely on submission, but can revolve around the submissive herself, her life, or a part of it.

Payment; a royalty of one equal share of 75% of the net sales revenue for each story published, and up to 5 downloadable copies of the ebook.

Rights; Logical-Lust will retain sole publishing rights for as long as the book remains on sale, in whatever format, after which full rights will revert back to each author.

Once published, the book will remain on sale for as long as it is commercially viable, with no maximum time period set. It will be sold through both www.eternallyerotic.com and www.logical-lust.com, and other sources that may become available, or viable.

Info & queries to [email protected]

Submissions must be in plain text with no custom text or paragraph settings, or indents. Single line between paragraphs only. Attach the plain text file to an email that contains your full authors bio, a detailed synopsis of the story, and a declaration that the material is original, unpublished, and that you own the copyright. Send your email, entitled 'Sub-Lingual,' to [email protected] Any deviation from this will result in the submission being ignored or deleted.

The deadline for submissions is 31st Jan 2005.