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09-03-2004, 02:45 PM
Erotic romance is a great new market. I was thinking that my next project might be a novella or category length book along these lines -- equal parts heart and... other anatomical parts. Is anyone else working in this area?

Would you agree with Ellora's Caves (ellorascave.com) definition of this sort of thing?
"Erotic romance is defined by us as: any work of literature that is both romantic and sexually explicit in nature. Within this genre, a man and a woman develop "in love" feelings for one another that culminate in a monogamous relationship.

In a piece of Ellora’s Cave Romantica™ literature, sexual language is typically expressed in frank adult terms, rather than couched in flowery phrases. In other words, rather than describing lust in a woman's body as "a whirlwind of electricity that jolted through her love valley" as is generally found in mainstream romance novels, an author of Romantica™ might say, "intense desire coursed through her body, making her wet with arousal." (E-rated and above titles typically use much more graphic language than that.)

Romantica™ doesn't begin from the premise that women's sexual experiences are dirty and therefore in need of being perfumed up by flowery phrases. The premise of Romantica™ is that women's sexual experiences are legitimate, positive, and beautiful."

I do wonder about the explicit heterosexuality and monogamous-ness :wha of it all. But I suppose those are important aspects of trad, romance?

Can anyone thinlk of a market that might take a longer work where there is romances and sex but possibly soem other aspects no acceptable in trad. romance like brief infidelity, bisexuality, threeways etc?

Would people be interested in a list of e-publishers of erotic romance novellas? I have a few squirrelled away and will be submitting a gay novella along these lines soon.