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lena matthews
12-31-2004, 01:41 PM
Garnett Press Seeking Submissions - Erotic Romance

_POSTED ON Dec 16, 2004 - 10:41 PM by Cheryl

Garnett Press is an independent publisher. In 2005 we will be initiating a printed series of erotic romance anthologies for women.We are currently seeking original and unpublished novellas from 20,000 to 45,000 words in length. Novels published as ebook only are acceptable if author owns print rights.

Email submissions to: [email protected]*

website: garnettpress.com (http://garnettpress.com)

We accept submissions by email only.

Guidelines: This is an anthology of erotic romance. Romance must be an integral part of the plot or a subplot.The sex in the story should be consensual, explicit, enjoyable, and between heterosexual adult human beings. Please do not submit works including sex scenes involving werewolves, vampires, ghosts, faeries, space aliens, etc. We are looking for contemporary settings; no historical or futuristic at this time. We are especially interested in mystery and suspense plots with fresh, unconventional characters. We long to be impressed.We require entertaining stories with huge amounts of sexual tension, plot, and good characterization.

Compensation: We pay a fee, from $300 to $600 U.S., for each novella accepted for publication, payable upon publication. Two copies of the printed book will also be provided. We are buying first publication rights and reprint rights. This offer expires April 30, 2005.

Serious submissions only. Please query first. Submit your first 3 chapters or up to 15,000 words to [email protected] Use standard manuscript formatting and .doc or .rtf format for your attachments. Please edit your work carefully or risk the chance that we will not take it, or you, seriously.If we like your query, we will ask for the completed manuscript to be mailed to us within seven days. If we decide to publish, we will require a final electronic copy of the novella sent by email or on disk.We prefer not to receive multiple submissions.

Please inform us if you are also submitting to other publishers.

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