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09-27-2004, 03:11 AM
CONTEST: Friends of Sound Horses (expose journalism)

To increase public awareness of the illegal practice of soring, FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses, Inc.) is awarding up to $5,000 to three winners for the most outstanding journalism that exposes the illegal and cruel practice of horse "soring." Soring is the application of chemical or mechanical means to enhance a horse's gait in an effort to
win in "big lick" show ring competitions.

The types of journalism that qualify are print, broadcast and on-line media, and all professional, freelance and student journalists are welcome to participate. To be eligible for an award, material must be published or broadcast during

Applications and rules are available at www.fosh.info, and
deadline for submission is November 1, 2004.

FOSH is a national leader in the fight against abuse and soring of Tennessee Walking Horses and in the promotion of natural, sound gaited horses. For more information on the journalism award or to become a member, please visit www.fosh.info.

09-27-2004, 06:23 PM
Thank you for posting this, the subject of soring is the hidden shame behind some gaited horse groups and many pony pull contests as well.

If anyone has written on the subject and needs a place for publication I have access to an online newspaper that will publish the article for you. Unfortunately they cannot pay but it will qualify your article for submission.

09-27-2004, 06:26 PM
I'm glad for groups like this, giving a "voice to the voiceless".