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10-23-2004, 04:29 AM
You guys know I'm in Poland, right? As in Europe.

OK, so there's a little bit of a language barrier -- expected, dealt with -- but it was a bit of a shocker when I found out that animals too speak a different language.

For instance, dogs bark: HOW HOW (really, they actually sound like that).

And one time in the car, I nearly broke my neck I whipped around so fast when I heard my 3 yr old saying: FUK FUK

(It did cross my mind that she must have picked it up from the only English-speaking person she knew - namely, me!)

I interrogated her and then (because all she did was look at me saying FUK FUK) I asked my husband to help. He told me she was quacking like a duck.

A Polish duck.


10-25-2004, 05:37 AM
A Polish duck


When I was stationed on Taiwan I found out that Chinese dogs say "Wang Wang" instead of Bow Wow or Bark Bark. Chinese Cats says "Meu" so it sounds like dogs and ducks are multi-lingual but cats might just force us all to use the same terms for them almost everywhere.

How is Poland BTW? I always wanted to go there but have never gotten any closer then Germany. They weren't offering positions there when I was on duty in Europe.

10-26-2004, 03:08 AM
Yes, cats pretty much rule, don't they?

Poland is a real mix of tradition, inefficiency and corruption alongside intelligence, humor and helpfulness. The women are the backbone of this society, mothers and grandmothers doing double-duty work and childcare (as is the case in many disadvantaged or poor societies).

The favorite pet here is the dog. How how!

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