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09-10-2004, 07:34 AM
The Red List Org (http://www.redlist.org/) Not only has a database of endangered flora and fauna, but also links to Google searches for pictures etc. If you go to their page and click on search, set in a few parameters (country, terrain, genus, etc.) you'll be surprised what is pulled up.

I searched on equid (horse ) and found:
list of horse species (http://www.redlist.org/search/search.php?freetext=equid&modifier=phrase&criteria=wholedb&taxa_species=1&redlistCategory%5B0%5D=allex&country%5B0%5D=all&aquatic%5B0%5D=all&regions%5B0%5D=all&habitats%5B0%5D=all&threats%5B0%5D=all&Submit_x=50&Submit_y=12&extendedResults=0&terrestrial=0&marine=0&freshwater=0&offset=0&sortorder%5B0%5D=spcscientificname&sortorder%5B1%5D=genname&sortorder%5B2%5D=spcname&sortorder%5B3%5D=spcinfraepithet&sortorder%5B4%5D=spcauthor&sortorder%5B5%5D=spcinfrarank&sortorder%5B6%5D=spcstockname&sortorder%5B7%5D=spcinfrarankauthor&sortorder%5B8%5D=comname_comp&sortorder%5B9%5D=rlcabb&sortorder%5B10%5D=rlscriteria&sortorder%5B11%5D=rlspetition&sortorder%5B12%5D=poptrend&sortorder%5B13%5D=rlcatcrit2001&sortorder%5B14%5D=spcrecid&sortorder%5B15%5D=kingname&debug=0&taxa_subspc=0&taxa_stock=0&newsort=Common+Name%28s%29)

and then to Google for the image:

and it's page U of Alberta (http://www.deer.rr.ualberta.ca/library/taxonomy/equus.html) Almost a trip around the world on one subject and got a lot of side information for a piece to write.

Someone else want to follow the term STURGEON around and bring us back a picture and a link?

09-11-2004, 03:49 AM

One of my files at the conservation org. I work for is endangered species, so you have got me all excited! Since we are a Canadian org. with a limited supply of funds, we focus our efforts on Canadian species.

The horse pictured on your post is a Przewalski's horse,from Mongolia. It is the same species as our domestic horse.

I have used the IUCN's redlist database many times, as our organization has actually hosted one of its meetings (when we had money).

TheCanadian Wildlife Service has a database of Canadian species at www.speciesatrisk.gc.ca. The white sturgeon is one of the species listed in my country, so you may find some info on it, if you like, as well as a number of other species.

I believe the US Fish and Wildlife Service also has a similar database.


There are a number of sturgeon species that are at risk on the planet. My goal is to save em all! A lofty goal, perhaps, as there are over 9000 species at risk on earth, plus all of those that have not yet been classified...but I am optimistic. :D

Littlecupofjoe :coffee

Edited by Carol - when you have the picture you want up with Google, you have to click on their little box in the right hand upper corner that says remove frame - otherwise you end up with half the Google frame instead of the picture when you copy the address over for the image. A fact I learned the hard way myself. ;)

09-11-2004, 03:56 AM
Hey...how come my sturgeon photo is not showing?

Littlecupofjoe :coffee

09-11-2004, 05:48 AM
If you didn't already, make sure you have the url for the image enclosed in image brackets:

[ image ] < before the url, no spaces
[ /image ] < after the url, also no spaces

If you did that already, I'm stumped.

09-11-2004, 06:34 AM
I am so proud to have you on this board :coffee ! I want to do all I can to help you keep those endangered species safe.

Okay we have a Surgeon now, who wants to tackle a Bear for the next link and picture?


09-11-2004, 11:05 PM

Thank you for the photo tips!

I will know how to do it next time :)

Hey, thanks Carol for the kind words! I am happy to be sharing this board with fellow animal lovers! :hug

Thanks for wanting to help. You are definitely helping by writing an article on an endangered species.:clap

Littlecupofjoe :coffee

11-18-2004, 02:46 PM
good to see a board like this - keeping native
animals surviving is sometimes a thankless
task but so worth it


03-23-2005, 07:00 AM
:D So that is what a sturgeon looks like. My uncle was in Inland Game and Fisheries for years. I like all types of animals and fish.