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04-23-2007, 01:15 AM
I'm currently in the process of starting a self help book for abuse survivors. This being an issue that hits close to home with me, I'm very passionate about it. I plan to use many of my own past experiences in the book but I don't really have enough to fill a book. Also, I know that there are many other types of abuse that others have suffered through that I have never experienced.

So here's where I need your help....I'm looking for personal stories from other abuse survivors to fill a book. I would need information on the type of abuse that occurred as well as how and IF you were able to recover from it or how you learned to live with it.

I am not looking to get rich from my book. I plan to donate 50% of all profits from my book to battered women's shelters and other charities for abused women. I would change all names and locations to protect you. I realize that this is quite a personal matter and it may not be easy to talk or write about. If you wish to consider sending in your story of abuse survival it would help women who have been or are in the shoes that you once stood in.

I am not yet a highly established freelance writer so I would be unable to pay the people who contribute stories but I could include a bio on each contributor or link. Please email me your story at michelle@michelleknudson.com It can be as long as you wish. Don't worry about spelling or grammar. For those of you who many not know me, feel free to visit my website by clicking the link below. Thank you

aka eraser
04-23-2007, 03:46 AM
Michelle, this isn't the proper forum for your request. I'll trundle it over to the Story Research forum. You should get more responses there.

I feel obliged to tell you that the market for abuse stories is fairly saturated. You can expect to find it quite difficult to whet the appetite of an agent or mainstream publisher.

Good luck to you.