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04-18-2007, 06:22 PM
I'm re-reading Fight Club for the third time, and I wondered how many times Chuck Pahlaniuk got rejected before someone finally picked it up. And then I thought, it's such a brilliant work, HOW would you reject it?

Like this:

Dear Mr. Pahlaniuk,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to us. While it's a unique story, I just couldn't relate to the narrator. He doesn't appear to have a name, and he's not a very nice person. And this Tyler Durden character is just plain wacky. I couldnt' feel any sympathy for Marla Singer at all. Perhaps you could make her a bit more tenderhearted (maybe give her a puppy to care for?) and have Tyler stop urinating in the soup, which was a bit off-putting.

In addition, I don't understand the repetition of "I am Jack's Enraged Bile Duct" or other similar body parts. What does that mean? You should probably delete it. The fighting seems pointless as well -- why do these people feel like they need to hit one another for fun?

All in all, this book is simply too violent and filled with too many unpleasant people to make it worth my while. Perhaps you should set it aside and write a story about kittens.
Best wishes,

C. Lueless

Now it's your turn... reject what you're reading right now!