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04-03-2007, 09:52 AM
So I'm witting my first attempt at a novel. It's called E.L.F, which stands for Electronic Life Form, and it's shaping up to be a novel that I think would work for the YA Sci-fi market. A rather odd departure for me, as most of my stories have either A) Lots of sex B) Lots of swearing and C) Lots of disturbing elements (rape, torture, soul crushing pain and loss, and so on and so forth)

Sooo...the basic plot synopsis of E.L.F is as follows:

The massive, planet eating star ship Harbinger had flown through the Galaxy for millennium. It's picked up a verity of vagrants, from the lizard like Xorquin to the telepathic, bug eyed Tettclickclick. And the most recent of those vagrants are a race of gangly hairless monkies called humans. For two thousand years, humanity has been living in the sewer systems, rather happy with their lot. Cleaning the tubes, fixing the recyclers and generally stopping Harbinger from drowning in it's own sewage.

Humanity's luck is about to change. Harbinger has drifted through the galaxy, turning in a massive loop...till it's come back to Earth. Now the council of races that controls the ship is split, torn between human's forceful charismatic ambassador, James Leonite and his allies, and their enemies, Jorquin, the ambassador for the lizard like Xorquin. Earth hangs between being torn apart for resources and protected as humanities homeland.

Five hundred decks down, Jimmy Leonite (Junior) is more interested in scrounging for spare parts in broken trash compactors with his best friend, Pixie (Pix for short). Pix is an Electronic Life Form model 3-A (female), purchased for Jimmy at the tender age of four. They've grown up together. But Jimmy is starting to get a little worried. At sixteen he's started to notice things about Pix he hadn't before. Mostly about how she's started to fill out her shirt and pants.

Then everything turns upside down. Jimmy finds a data crystal, shockingly undamaged after being dropped into the sewage system, and takes it home. He shows it to his father over the video phone.

Later that night, two Xorquin assassins totting plasma pistols and suicide belts show up. They shoot Jimmy's mother. Jimmy and Pix flee into Harbinger, holding data that the Xorquin are willing to kill for. Information that can change the fate of not just Humanity and Earth...but Harbinger itself.

Okay so it's got lots of running, lasers shooting at Jimmy and Pix, tender teenage romance, a few mistakes with a finicky teleport and an unexpected, ancient evil and in the end, Pix and Jimmy end up on earth, sitting at a gorgeous make out point that I haven't decided on yet.

Does this sound suitable for YA sci-fi. I'm thinking middle school and up. Is YA middle school and up? How much violence can go into a YA book? Or is it one of those “gray area things?”

NOTE: This book is pretty tame when it comes to violence. Laser gun fights don't blow limbs off and such. Same with the sex. The closest Pix and Jimmy get to before the story ends is groping and snogging. All profanity is made up and based around the sewage system (Humans do live there, after all). There's scientific things like gamma rays, teleports, plasma weapons, nano-bots and so on. How much explanation for these do you think I'd need?

And last but not least, can anyone think of a better name for the villainous Xorquin ambassador Jorquin? Cause that's kinda a lame name.