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Penguin Queen
03-27-2007, 12:25 AM
Do you lovely poeple remember when I was bemoaning (in the Dejection subforum), a few weeks ago, the fact that a funding body who shall remain nameless had turned down my publisher's application for funding my walking promotion tour of Wales this summer?

I was feeling rather squashed at the time, having counted on the funding to go through.
Someone on here, apart from kind words like salve, suggested applying for funding to bodies like the Welsh Tourist Board - which, in my slight unworldliness and uncomercialness, would not have occurred to me.

We have now cut the tour in half, & the good news #1 is...
...that there is another funding body who probably will cough up some. However, they only cough to the tune of 50% of what's actually needed. Dont ask me why. Perhaps they think it's character builidng. :tongue

Good news #2:
However, spurred on by said comment, I suggested to the editor that we try to get some sponsorship out of a Wales-wide transport company (both bus and rail), and I just got an email from her: They have agreed to pay for almost all my travelling on bus & rail!!

So if we get the 50% off the second funding body, and I sleep in ditches / poeple's houses / a borrowed sleeping bag amid sheep under the Welsh stars and only eat every other day, I will be able to make this tour. And be slim and svelte and sinewy at the end of it.
And famous. Not sane, but hey. You can't have it all. :D


03-27-2007, 12:32 AM
Congrats! That sounds like sun and fun. I'm tickled that you've got a chance to do something you wanted and have someone help fund it. Good luck on the adventures and tell us all about it later.

Calla Lily
03-27-2007, 12:34 AM

03-27-2007, 05:07 AM
Congratulations on the scrounge - I'm sure there's a nicer way to say that, hmm. I can't even say "well done, you deserve it" because "it" includes sleeping in ditches. Can I say, good luck and I hope it doesn't rain too much?

I'm glad you can go ahead with the tour. What makes me really cross is that if you were a lunatic with an idea to walk backwards on hands and feet some idiotic business or government body would probably have paid all your funding. Sports and idiocy seem to win hands down over intelligence and culture -- so congrats on prising money from anyone!

Saundra Julian
03-27-2007, 05:27 AM
Wonderful, congratulations!

Penguin Queen
03-27-2007, 01:10 PM
Thank you all :) :D

I reckon if I work on this a bit more & make it my trademark and if this book sells any copies I mebbe do the whole walking tour next time, & get a bit more money for it. I'm persistent pigheaded like that. :D

We're forecast the hottest summer yet in living memory this year, so I am - fervently - hoping that I won't be having to contend with rain. And I quite look forward to the ditches part.
Hell, I look forward to the whole damn thing.