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03-26-2007, 07:15 AM
Anyone see this? I just saw it. Would make a great American movie, except then it would suck.

03-26-2007, 09:31 PM
So... I guess not?

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03-26-2007, 10:03 PM
I don't know. Probably the acronym for what it was called in Chinese (it's a hong kong film).

Basic story: Sammo Hung (Jackie Chan's big fat friend) is a ruthless crime boss who brutally murders the only witnesses to a trial he's in, and almost kills the cop who was assigned to protect them.

Now, that cop finds out he has brain cancer, just days before his retirement.

It turns out, though, that this cop and his team are the "The Shield" team of Hong Kong. They're not quite uncrooked, if you get my drift, and all of them have something to hide, so they're doubly under the gun when top cop Donnie Yen (Iron Monkey) is assigned to take the lead cop's place.

Through a series of circumstances too complicated to explain, everyone dies at the end. Mostly.

03-26-2007, 10:58 PM
I never saw Ran.

03-26-2007, 11:06 PM
Doubt it. I hear it's in B&W.

03-26-2007, 11:29 PM

03-27-2007, 12:02 AM
And, just so we're sure about your Christmas list this year, your criteria for what constitutes a good movie does or does not mean that you....

--only liked the second half of Wizard of Oz,
--liked the colorized version of Sands of Iwo Jima, but the earlier one "blew dead goats?"

just checking...

Billy and I have discussed this on occasion. There are, at best, 10 movies made in black and white that hold their salt. The rest are utterly unwatchable, and even colorizing doesn't help much (but is a nice start).

Great B&W movies include
Van Heflin and Gene Kelly's rendition of The Three Musketeers.
The original King Kong
The original Godzilla.

That's about it.

03-27-2007, 12:41 AM