View Full Version : Need help coming up with contract for biography

03-16-2007, 04:49 AM
I have a possible gig to write a biography. My question is: how much should I ask upfront and how much should be a percentage of the profits, rights, etc.? What's the industry standard for such a deal? I'd like to get this in writing with my biography subject before I start investing my time doing research, interviews, and writing up the proposal to send to agents and publishers.

I have yet to thoroughly discuss specifics with the subject. But he is a somewhat well known pioneer in the martial arts community and a book about his life would most definitely sell, though potentially not as much as the kid's book. I'm leaning towards claiming 100% writer credit, a 4-figure lump sum fee upfront, 25% of the profits and free martial arts lessons for a year.

What do you think I should ask for -- keeping in mind that I am a magazine journalist, former newspaper reporter, optioned screenwriter and budding digital filmmaker? I hope for specific examples or dollar amount suggestions, such as $1,000 up front and 50 percent of the profits.

Any other things I should consider?

Thanks in advance!