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03-08-2007, 10:14 AM
Title: Of Bards and Blackbirds
Author(s): Heather S. Ingemar
Publication Date: March 8, 2006
Publisher: The Celtic Cafe
Format (print, ebook, audiobook, whatever): Online Magazine
ISBN: n/a
Price: Free
Logline: (one-paragraph description): An academic article detailing a close examination of blackbirds in celtic bardic period poetry in relation to the old mythology and the post-christian spirituality. It takes the reader through a short history of the infamous Bards--a specialized order of Druids--and also through a close reading of three selected Irish poems of the period, "The Ruined Nest," "The Blackbird," and "The Scribe."
Link (Amazon, author website, publisher, wherever): http://www.celticcafe.com/ (http://www.celticcafe.com/)
Link to article: http://www.celticcafe.com/celticcafe/Books/Papers/HeatherIngemar/01_HeatherIngemar.html (http://www.celticcafe.com/celticcafe/Books/Papers/HeatherIngemar/01_HeatherIngemar.html)
Link to author's website: http://catharsys.webs.com/ (http://catharsys)