View Full Version : Self-publish to prove market for agent/publishers?

02-11-2007, 04:52 PM
I know most of the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing, but my question is a bit different.

Does it make sense to consider self-publishing to generate enough sales to prove to agents or publishers there is a market for a particular book? (Again, I'm not looking to generate debate about PODs and all the issues) It has more to do with whether agents or publishers do track the POD market for "finds" and whether they might be influenced one way or another.

Would the fact that I have already self-published the book make it less attractive for an agent?

My concern is that I want to hit the market this summer because of some particular events that would be great venues to sell the book at this time.

Thanks for any help.

Christine N.
02-11-2007, 06:18 PM
No, they don't. They have enough submissions pouring into their offices, they don't need to go out and look for more.

Yes, it would, unless you've sold enough copies to attract them in your query. More than a few hundred. I know it's a Catch-22, but if you've not sold a bunch, it's a poor sales. But if you have sold a lot, then some might think you've exhausted the market. Then there's the fact that you've already published it, and not many places do reprints.

Now, Eragon, for example (which wasn't truely self-published; his parents had a small press) got lucky because Carl Hiassen's step-son got a copy of the book at school and loved it and passed it on to his step-dad, who bought it for Knopf.

But that is a supremely rare and unlikely scenario, not likely to be repeated.

That's what most of 'em say, anyway. You might find one, if you got really lucky.