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01-27-2007, 08:08 AM
I started writing Song Lyrics when I felt my Poetry was getting too esoteric and too far removed from human feelings and emotions and I thought that turning to Song Lyrics would force me to deal more fully with human relationships and interaction both with others and with society. (and, for the most part, I was, not only successful, but, eventually, revived my Poetry as well.

Most of my Songs have been written for performance in Bar Rooms or Dance Venues and attempted to paint pictures of human experience and feeling in a variety of situations

Here is one that was designed to capture the experiences of "Stardom" and the Prices that have to be paid. (Please note that, unlike most of the Lyrics I've seen posted here, I, generally, choose to write from the point of an observer rather than in the first person, as I feel that doing so results in a more "universal" feel that a greater number of people will be able to identify with).


All That Glitters

On center stage, the current rage
Is deftly playing to his fans.
He comes on cool. He ain't no fool.
He knows he's got them in his hands,

But, all that glitters isn't gold,
And things are seldom what they seem.
'Though fame seems his to have and hold,
He knows how fleeting such fame can be,

For he knows that it's taken ten long years,
To be an overnight success,
And 'though his image hides his fears,
He knows that he can never rest,

And when he winds up, and the lights dim,
Then the smile fades from his face.
His voice is weary. His eyes are bleary.
He says goodnight and just slips away,

'Cause, all that glitters isn't gold,
And things are seldom what they seem.
A moment's fame is but a footstep,
Upon that fable road of dream.

Yes, all that glitters isn't gold,
And things are seldom what they seem.
But he'll keep trav'ling down that road,
And keep on chasing his golden dreams.
Yes, he'll keep on chasing those golden dreams.
Golden dreams.

Copyright Fall 1982 James R. Hoye


For those who are interested in what this Song sounds like, you can find it at: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=324357&t=7623 and can access the rest of my songs as well by clicking on the 17 songs listing on the right.

Hope you enjoy.

Jim Hoye, (JRH)