View Full Version : Are there ghosts among us ???

Amy K. Jones
01-26-2007, 01:29 AM
If there are current, previous, or wannabe ghost writers on this forum, who would be willing to share your thoughts on ghost writing, I would so much appreciate your time.

How do you feel about the people you sold your work to?

Did they do right by you, and give you the credit for any awards they may have won, based on the writing you sold them?

I ask because I read a blog the other day, wherein the author related that he ghost wrote four published novels (amongst many other wonderful accomplishments, thus far, in his writing career). He points out that he cannot name names, or cite specific novels, because of contract restrictions. ...leading me to reconsider my thoughts on ghost writing:

I imagine, from reading some of this particular author's work, that there is a good chance the novels he sold to impostors, also won awards and/or recieved recognition, that he would very much like, and deserves, to be able to take credit for; yet his contract forbids disclosing that he is the author of these works of art. (...In other words, our civil legal system upholds the right of one person to coerce another, by threat of punitive courtaction, to commit and perpetuate outright fraud.)

Though I respect any writer's decision to sell their work to whomever they choose, and I know that hiring a ghost writer is perfectly legal; I question the characterof anyone who would take full credit for work they did not do, and the contract laws that allow this sort of shyster to use the court system as a weapon against truth, of all things.

It isn't acceptable or legal to buy another person's medical degree, replace the name on the certificate with our own, and set up a medical practice; why then, is it permissible that such a fraud be legal when it comes to one's writing?

...Sorry, I fell into a rant there:tongue , please take a moment to share a thought, or even a fresh rant, on the topic. (I'll be real quiet while you talk!:D )

Christine N.
01-26-2007, 01:42 AM
Most celebrity books are ghost-written. I would imagine that any celeb book contract would expressly forbid the divulgence that the ghost-writer did, in fact, write the book. I mean, celebs have to keep up the appearance that they can write well.

(I said most, not all!)