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01-17-2007, 06:28 AM
I have been reading the threads and have learned alot ! But of course still have questions - the first being - It would seem there are only really two POD Self publishers - Cafepress or Lulu
All the others seem to be vanity presses ?
Are there others ?
second - My book (almost finished & my first) is a pure breed dog book, so I have a very limited audience and perhaps doing the published by lulu program with the isbn provided would be the best route?
the reason I am leaning to Lulu and not Cafepress is I think color interior for the pictures is important in a puppy book, but not convinced that it is mandatory. Also, from what I understand Published by Lulu program will get you listed on amazon, b&n, etc...
more questions I am sure to follow
thanks abunch

01-17-2007, 06:37 AM
Hi Lisa :)

In terms of what is vanity or POD self-pub, I all depends on what you mean by that. In terms of your specific case what it is called isn't crucial.

But if you are going to put out a niche non-fiction book I think Lulu's isbn-plus package is a solid option. You won't get into bookstores but it will be available at amazon.com and you aren't risking sinking money that you won't get back. Because of the specialist area targeted online promotions can be quite effective (forums and sites for that breed etc)

If you attend dog events like shows you might look at going with a printer instead or as well. It can get the cover price down and royalties up for some in person sales.

I have some reservations about cafepress but Lulu is a pretty solid option if the bulk of your sales will be within the US (their charges and shipping internationally are prohibitive)

Bear in mind that the cover price, especially with illustration, may be quite high--and amazon listing increases it further. I would suggest costing the book out and seeing whether it might work.

01-17-2007, 07:23 AM
VeinGlory, thank you for the response !
Not only is it a breed specific book but a somewhat "rarebreed" so that puts me in a even more specialized niche so to speak. Lulu states about .15 per page for color (plus binding) and talking to some printers around me that is fair. I think it's going to be expensive as I am at 60 pages of just type, single spaced and haven't done the photos yet ! So, possibly 120 pages $18 and binding $17 so maybe $35 - eek! Currently, though other books on my breed run $25 - $99 - the previous bestseller out of print now sold for $65 - hard cover and color.
So, perhaps the market in my niche will bare a higher price.
by POD or Self-publishing or vanity I guess to me POD self publishing doesn't mean paying up front fees - up front fees are a vanity ? from reading the threads here that is what I have concluded - I think ;)

Royalties are another thing I am not sure I understand - Lulu takes 20% ? so if my book costs $35 and I price it at say $60 there is a profit of $25 so the royalty is figured on the profit of $25 so they would take $5 and I would get $20 - do I understand that right ?

Thanks again for your time - and thanks to all of you here for your informative posts !

01-17-2007, 07:27 AM
You should also look at the extra costs of listing at Amazon, getting an ISBN etc. Lulu has it all documented but it takes a while to realise what is added by using a distributor.

James D. Macdonald
01-17-2007, 07:10 PM
Please also check out the prices at a local printshop. POD is a business model.