View Full Version : PW article on bookstores embracing self-pubbed authors

Lauri B
01-11-2007, 09:30 PM
Well, I may have to eat my words yet--PW has an article in this week's issue that discusses how independents are becoming more welcoming to self-pubbed authors, hosting signings and other book events with them. Some bookstores require the self-pubbed writers to pay a co-op fee for marketing, set up and display, but lots of others are just embracing them just as they would a big-house publisher.

One caveat, according to at least one big independent: books have to be returnable for them to work with a self-pubbed writer. This same bookstore also mentioned niche books and books with regional appeal work best for them (no surprise there).
So, all you self-pubbed authors: there may be good news for you yet!