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01-06-2007, 05:32 PM
Greetings All,

I am gathering information on a cold war event. My uncle flew the Atlantic Barrier, Newfoundland to the Azores. In Feb of 1958 his plane was lost without a trace. I am writing a novel based on this incident. I am trying to find out where to go in the Department of Navy to research what ever may have been recorded on this event. I also need to research the weather at the time of his last reported position, if anyone has any info on where to go on that.
For anyone who might be an old Naval pilot, his plane was a Llockheed WV-2 Tail # 141311, original # was 141310 but was changed, he was stationed in Argentia Newfoundland Sqadron VW-15.

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01-07-2007, 04:49 AM
Call your congressperson or one of your senators. They maintain special staff to handle constituent services, and it's very much a legitimate part of the officer. They can cut through the red tape in ways that would take you forever. They'd be happy to help. As contituent requests go, this one would be a refreshing change of pace for staff. Interesting and worthwhile.

They'll help unearth info on the incident. If there are any entanglements with the info being classified, the senator/rep can help with that too. You might want to check to see if any of them sit on Armed service-related committees and call that one first.

Good luck.

Ol' Fashioned Girl
01-07-2007, 05:10 AM
Google 'Forensic Weather'. About ten pages of hits turned up when I did... there are a lot of sites that want to charge for their data, but you might be able to find just a reference site somewhere. And here's the 141311 (http://www.dean-boys.com/chanute/chanute.htm). It's in Chanute Museum.

But I did find this:

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 22:08:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Dave / Ruth Casner <rcasner@kconline.com>
To: elmccaul@west.raytheon.com

Dear Earles,

My tour of duty started with VW—13, after transferring from AC School in
Olathe, Kansas. We were called ACW’s then. I kept a fairly accurate
flight log, so I may be able to help you with some BUNOS.
Our first barrier flights were a North and South shuttle, the north was
closer to Europe and the South closer to the U.S. We had aircraft on each
shuttle 24 hours per day. My Log indicates the first flight I had out of
Argentia on Oct., 19, 1956, Block Out at 1000, Block in at 0130, total
flight time 15 1/2 hours.
It appears to me we went to the Race Track Barrier in Nov. of 1956.

Aircraft Numbers I have listed are:
141298 141313 141316 141301
141311 141312 141300 141295
141309 141315 141294 141320
141287 141307 141303 141292
I was with VW-13 when it de-commissioned then transferred to VW-11. I was
also with VW-15. I tried them all. My last flight was back to Patuxet
River, Nov. 30th, 1958, on AC 141301. This was VW-13.
As far as I remember, all the VW squadrons’ home base was Pax River. We
only stayed in Argentia 3 to 4 months.
Now I can tell you that A/C#141294 crashed short of the runway in Argentia.
My good friend, Vince Macy, AT1, was on board. He got out. Another
friend, J.E. Strange was flight engineer, he didn't make it. CDR Kiassy
was also killed.
VW-15 lost an aircraft in 1957, I believe down by the Azores. I helped on S
& R on that one. We never found a trace. I don't remember the A/C number.
A/C*141311 is located at Chanute in Rantoul, IL. It is owned by the
Australian A.F. According to the Museum Curator, they are going to rework
it and fly it back to Australia. I drove over to see it. The paint is
silver, not the dull black I was used to. Pigeons flew out of the wheel
wells. It now has Air Force markings, not Navy, but the tail number is
still 141311.
As I look at my old Flight Log, my memories go back to those cold weather
flights and impossible conditions. Had several flights with 60-65 knots of
cross wind on take off. Turbulence and icing were normal almost every
flight. These modern day boys with their jets should have had a dose or two
of those early Barrier Flights, when you couldn't change altitude due to
Hope this helps you some. I will be interested in your book.

Best Wishes,
Dave Casner

It's with other letters here:


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Great advice KHC I will follow up on that recommendation.

A special thanks to you Ol' Girl, this is great suff and I am already all over it.

God I love this site!

Thanks again,