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Cathy C
12-22-2006, 06:21 AM
Hi, everyone!

Welcome to the Atheism, Secular Humanism, Non-Theistic room. ( :eek: Wow! What a mouthful... For future ease of use, let's just nickname this place NT for Non-Theistic unless referring to a specific interpretation/definition.) This forum also includes agnostic, critical skepticism, postmodern cynicism, rationalism and materialism. It might seem strange to some to find this subforum under the Religious and Spiritual Writing forum---seeing as the other subforms here are directly related to Theistic beliefs. However, anti-religion, or the serious skeptical observation of religion has just as much validity, so here we are!

Let's go through some ground rules so that we don't step on toes since the overriding goal of AW is "respect your fellow writer":

1. No religion bashing allowed. This includes derogatory statements about a particular religion, swearing, slams against a person who BELIEVES in a particular religion, or general mocking, teasing or baiting. Just like any of the other forums, it'll earn you a time-out. Each person is entitled to their own belief in this subforum, whatever that belief might be.

2. I believe in a PG forum. If you feel it's absolutely unavoidable to use curse words in a post, please asterisk them.

3. As with the other religious forums, discussions about writing for NT publishers, magazines and websites is encouraged. Feel free to draw on other NT writers for help with topics or discuss aspects of particular guidelines.

4. You're welcome to discuss your "faith" here, so long as that discussion respects other beliefs.

5. If you choose not to identify your particular NT persuasion, that's cool. Low-key is fine here, but don't be afraid to join in the discussions for fear of being slammed. The other subforums know we're here. We don't have to hide in the shadows.

6. Be creative in discussing ideas. That's the primary goal of any writer's forum. However, flame wars aren't acceptable. If things get too "creative" we'll move the discussion to TIO. :tongue

7. Last, and most importantly---HAVE FUN!

Stay tuned for some topics of discussion. I'll also be stickying the thread about markets so we can keep track of it.