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11-22-2006, 05:29 AM

I've been asked to write some articles. These will be spiritually themed. I'm willing, but when it comes to grammar, I walk with a horrid limp.

If you're one of those people that loves cleaning up other people's literary messes- you know who you are- send me a PM.

This is a charity case -pure pity- as at this point in my career I'm not in any position to pay you what you're worth. Well, I'm not in a position to pay you anything. I'm working for moldy dog treats at this point.

Actually, I'm doing this for the Lord. A few days ago, a dear friend said, "Why aren't you teaching anymore?" I said, "I wanted to write a book."
"Why aren't you teaching anymore?"
Then she said it one of those "Thus saith the Lord tone of voices!"

I was honest and answered, "I told God I'm willing if he opens the door..."

Dangerous thing to say if you don't mean it. The next day two very interesting sources contacted me, and I thought, "I told God I was willing...I guess this must be his doing?"

If you're interested in helping, which basically means glancing over a few pages here and there, looking for glaring errors, I'll share the rest of the story.