View Full Version : Writers Needed For New Magazine

11-08-2006, 11:53 PM
Writers needed for a regional print and web-based African American Menís Lifestyle magazine. The magazine is geared towards specific challenges husbands, fathers and single men face. Writers are needed to conduct interviews, write features, and report on topics that concern African American men.
We welcome all topics and subjects, sample topics include:
Power, Money and Sex (manís relationship with his woman)
Balancing Work and Family (manís relationship with his family)
The Nuts & Bolts of Male Friendship (manís relationship with other men)
Menís Spirituality (manís relationship with his God)
The First Man I Never Met (manís relationship with his father)
Man In The Mirror (manís relationship with himself)
Becoming a Better Father (manís relationship to his children)
Changes of Life (manís relationship with time)This is a great opportunity to gain worldwide visibility, work at your own pace, and future issues will offer compensation. If interested in this opportunity, please email:
editor@he-motionsmagazine.com or visit us online at www.he-motionsmagazine.com (http://www.he-motionsmagazine.com/)