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10-31-2006, 10:29 PM
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PETCO sales of charity collars raising funds for new cures for cancer in pets
SAN DIEGO – Bright orange charity collars, similar to the colorful bracelets supporting cancer awareness, will be sold at PETCO stores nationwide to commemorate National Pet Cancer Awareness Month in November.

“Millions of dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer each year,” said Paul Jolly, Vice President and Director of the PETCO Foundation. “We are selling Pet4Pets™ charity collars to raise funds for research into new cures for cancer. This is our way of saying that we appreciate being part of your pet’s life.”

Every orange Pet4Pets collar sold on behalf of the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) will raise $2 for pet cancer research. The ACF mission is to help cure cancer in pets and in people by funding clinical research on new therapies. Each year, 12 million dogs and cats will be diagnosed with cancer, according to estimates by the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Cancer is the leading cause of death among pets. More than half of pets will get cancer, and in some popular breeds of dogs even more will get it.

The new product represents PETCO's commitment to fulfill pet owners’ compassion and their desires to help pets live longer, happier, healthier lives. The charity collar is also intended to help raise awareness about the devastating impact of cancer in the pet population. While many people have lost their pets to cancer, few are aware that cancer is more prevalent among dogs and cats than among people.

“By supporting research into new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat pet cancer, we hope to help our companion animals to be part of our lives for more time,” said Jolly.

“Buying a Pet4Pets charity collar is an easy way to make a contribution to serious cancer research and to share your compassion for dogs and cats. It helps all of us to work together and do good things,” he added. “We share our lives with our pets and now can share in the fight against cancer. We encourage the pet industry to take part in this challenge.”

People and pets get similar kinds of cancer. Studies that find promising new treatments for cancer in pets can also help scientists understand new ways to treat these diseases in people. And our furry four-footed friends can benefit from the billions of dollars being invested in the search for new human cancer cures. For more information about Pet4Pets charity collars, visit a PETCO store or www.pet4pets.com (http://www.pet4pets.com/).

PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. (Nasdaq: PETC - News) is a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies and services with a commitment to quality animal care and education. PETCO's strategy is to offer its customers a complete assortment of pet-related products and services at competitive prices, with superior levels of customer service at convenient locations, by hiring pet lovers and training them to become counselors to our pet-loving customers. PETCO operates more than 800 neighborhood stores in 49 states and the District of Columbia, as well as a leading destination for on-line pet food and supplies at www.PETCO.com (http://www.petco.com/).

The PETCO Foundation, PETCO's non-profit organization, has raised more than $31 million since its inception in 1999. More than 3,800 non-profit grassroots animal welfare organizations from around the nation receive Foundation support. Through the PETCO Foundation, PETCO endeavors to be a community leader in promoting the welfare of companion animals and celebrating the human-animal bond.


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