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10-20-2006, 09:41 PM
Am I late to the party or what? I've only now just discovered Tim Dorsey and he's been hanging around in my backyard all this time. I live in Tampa, FL. He lives in Tampa, FL.

He writes like Carl Hiaasen. Sorta. If Hiaasen was on crack. Well, I'm paraphrasing a quote from the San Diego Union-Tribune. The quote actually reads "Tim Dorsey is Carl Hiaasen on meth, Elmore Leonard on acid, Dave Barry on Drano."

His books are all that and more. Tim Dorsey writes about a psychotic native Floridian named Serge A. Storms who travels the state, collects bits of Florida lore, meets a lot of really strange people, and often leaves a trail of imaginatively killed bodies behind him.

I've already read Triggerfish Twist, Florida Roadkill, and Hammerhead Ranch. I'm barely into The Stingray Shuffle now.

Anyone read these? If you want to check out Tim Dorsey's site, go to http://www.timdorsey.com - There's some pretty strange stuff there.

10-21-2006, 07:36 PM
I've read a couple of Tim Dorsey books and thought they were great. I also live in the Bay area (Pinellas) and lived in Tampa for a number of years before that. It's funny to read about his character's escapades in areas that I'm familiar with. There was one scene on Dale Mabry that really stands out in my memory because he so accurately portrayed the area.

Serge is absolutely crazy but he does things that I sometimes wish I could do. For example, chasing down a driver that threw litter out of the car and punishing them for their despicable act. Serge does go a bit too far in the punishment, but his extremism is one of the things that makes Tim Dorsey's books so entertaining.

10-21-2006, 09:43 PM
That's what I like about Serge too. He's not afraid to stand up for the environment or the abused and he exacts a strange and sometimes deadly punishment for those who do wrong.

That's what's so great about reading Dorsey's books. The need to see what Serge is going to do next. He's not predictable.