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09-24-2004, 08:38 PM
Some of you might have seen my posting on my book proposal in the Non Fiction Boards, but I figured that here might be a bit more appropriate :)

Now mind you, this is my very first book proposal EVER, I have no clue what possessed me to write up the proposal and send it off, I think I must have been insane..

But anyway, a month passed, I'm in contact with the company owner himself (which didn't do much to quell my nervousness) and he is absolutely a great person (Mr. Pollock at No Starch Press).

The basic gist of the email was that the proposal was nicely done, but it just didn't fit with what they were focusing on at this time (how -tos) Then he goes ahead and gives me two publishers to send the proposal to!

Now that gave me warm fuzzy's (you don't get those much with rejections :p ), I thank him and I figure that's the end of it. Well later on that night, he emails me back, wishes me luck, and says he is sure it will find a good home.

I was absolutely floored by how nice this was, and lord knows that if I get anything that fits their current focus, it's going straight to them first.

I just figured I'd share, this kind of thing reminds me why I choose this as a career, rejections or not!

editted because I seem unable to spell the word Starch correctly

09-24-2004, 11:45 PM
Hi, Selenia,

Wow. A KIND editor!! And a helpful one, too. Wow. Somebody call Guinness!! ;)

Seriously, though. I'm glad you had such a positive rejection experience. Those are rarer than the kind, helpful editor with a rejection in one hand and recommendation in another. :)

Thanks for sharing. Maybe the word will spread and more people will turn to him first.


09-26-2004, 07:08 AM

Good stuff! :party

By now I hope you've done two things:

1) Sent off your proposal to one of those two publishers he recommended with a note saying that you were directed to this publisher by Mr. Pollock at No Starch Press


2) Looked more closely at the books No Starch Press does publish, and thought up a book idea that would be perfect for them. Mr. Pollock obviously likes your writing -- it's a sale waiting to happen!

Good luck, and keep us posted!

09-26-2004, 09:40 AM
Hehe working on the first one, they want it in a really specific format, one of the two publishers he suggested didn't really fit my book, and as for the second, I've spent some time brainstorming on things to sent to him. :)