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09-12-2006, 09:08 PM
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AMHERST, NH-September 12, 2006-Pet incontinence is, or will be, a messy problem for the more than 143 million dog and cat owners in the U.S. Now, with the newly launched Pet Peepers and Pet Peepers Plus disposable diapers for pets, pets and their pet owners are getting a new "leash" on life. Pet Peepers and Pet Peepers Plus are super absorbent, comfortable and secure, no-leak-fit disposable pet diapers that eliminate messes from incontinent pets, leaky dogs and cats, females in season, untrained puppies, and excitable urination.

"When pet owners have 'leaky pets', they are forced to banish their pets to the laundry room, mud room, or cellar," says Mark Robinson, Founder and President of Pet Peepers and parent company, HandicappedPets.com. "With Pet Peepers disposable diapers for pets, our best friends can be back in bed, up on the couch, or free to roam around the house, and we can be confident that accidents won't happen!"

Pet Peepers™ and Pet Peepers Plus disposable diapers for pets are designed with a patented tail-hole and repositionable tabs that won't stick to fur. The Pet Peepers Plus diapers incorporate a special Anti-Bacillus Polymer that virtually eliminates odors. Peepers start at $12.95 per package, and are available in 5 sizes from XS to XXL up to approximately 66 pounds (see the website for sizing). Pet Peepers are available at www.PetPeepers.com and www.HandicappedPets.com (http://www.swiftpageemail.com/SpeClicks.aspx?Acc=Commstrat.Alicia&ED=C060912100000&LNK=0&UId=334) or calling 800-811-PETS (7387).

"When Corky began peeing around the house, Pet Peepers allowed me to find a solution that works for our whole family. Now Corky is no longer in trouble for something that he can't control and my couch, carpets, and floors are safe," said Angela B. of Nashua, NH. "We're even letting him sleep in our bed again!"

About Pet Peepers
Peepers Disposable Pet Diapers were developed in Amherst, New Hampshire by HandicappedPets.com in response to the needs of customers. HandicappedPets, the parent company of PetPeepers.com, is a complete resource for caretakers of elderly, disabled, and special needs pets. For more information, visit the websites at www.PetPeepers.com (http://www.swiftpageemail.com/SpeClicks.aspx?Acc=Commstrat.Alicia&ED=C060912100000&LNK=1&UId=334) and www.HandicappedPets.com. (http://www.swiftpageemail.com/SpeClicks.aspx?Acc=Commstrat.Alicia&ED=C060912100000&LNK=2&UId=334)

09-12-2006, 10:53 PM
I've seen dog diapers for sale, but they're mostly for bitches in heat (messy). Dealing with something like incontinence takes something that's a bit more heavy-duty. It's good to see this kind of product being made. Might be good for dogs that do the chronic submissive pee thing, too! ie, my younger German shepherd rolls over and is off like a fountain.

09-13-2006, 12:25 AM
I could have used this information a month ago. And no, Skinny wasn't banished to the mud room. I don't even have a mud room.