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09-06-2006, 10:10 PM
I'm trying to pitch an article about sexual harassment in the workplace and am looking for someone who can share a personal story about sexual harassment and how it was resolved. I don't have to use your real name. It doesn't matter what gender you are or whether the harassment was opposite-sex. It IS important that the harassment took place in the United States, since I'm only writing about U.S. law on this subject. :)

If you're interested, drop me a private message here.

Fried From Dixie
09-16-2006, 03:35 AM
A few months after we moved to Wisconsin, I went to work in a window factory (which shall remain nameless). We were told not to wear loose clothing and to tuck in our shirts - even tee shirts, but I was explicitely told after about a week to no longer tuck in my shirt. We were on the upper deck and I had to stand at the railing and balance oversized window frames until they cleared the deck to the lower floor. I, apparently was causing the men to not do their jobs...hmmm. I thought it was funny at the time, and requested to just be moved from that job. No dice. It wasn't like I did that all night, It was only on special orders for oversized windows so they saw no reason to move me. However, I did constantly get catcalls when I went back to work after breaks and one time I had to physically take several frames down stairs as they were too long for the hook conveyor sysytem. A group of the men surrounded me at the foot of the stairs as I was on the way back up. The supervisors knew this was going on, and they did nothing to discourage it, so I pulled a Chuck Norris on them. I don't really know Karate, but from my brothers I learned a few basic moves and a passing stance that I might attack. I "assumed the position" and they scattered like I'd sprayed them with mace! Ha ha on them! I scampered back to my post and our team leader, (a male) who had seen the entire incident was laughing so hard he nearly fell down. He said for me to remind him never to play cards with me. I wouldn't have if he'd asked, but I asked if he was going to do anything about it and he said no. I had taken care of it and he saw no reason to write anyone up for it. They backed off, but I still got the catcalls. I quit a week later.

Fried From Dixie
09-16-2006, 03:54 AM
:Soapbox: A little over twenty years ago when I still lived in my beloved Florida, I worked in a factory where we made wheel covers A/K/A hubcaps. I wasn't there a week and the back-up supervisor was flirting with me. I'm not arrogant-I wasn't the only one he did this too. Since I was only twenty at the time I didn't know what was going on at first. We were strapped into harnesses to pull our hands out of the way of big hydraulic presses once we pushed the button to activate the machine, for various stages of the wheel cover production, so we couldn't turn around much and our motions were limited. This guy had a habit of coming up behind us and poking us in the sides. Now I'm extremely ticklish so it made me a big target. Rumors started going around (and I was married). I didn't like it one bit so I told him to leave me alone, but that made it worse. I went to the supervisor and he called me a little girl and told me to grow up, nothing was happening. I finally had to threaten to go over both their heads to upper management. The other girls were thrilled-they told me they weren't that brave. I had been a fighter all my life as far as protecting myself goes, and I wasn't taking it anymore. As soon as they found out I had an appointment with the plant manager, who wasn't there for a week (some sort of conference), I was mysteriously found lacking and subseqently fired. Since I was not yet off of my 90 days probation, they didn't have to give a reason. They just said see ya! They got an earful when I went to pick up my last paycheck. In case anyone wonders-the place has been out of business for many years- and I had nothing to do with it!

You know what--I don't get it. while I wasn't beat with the proverbial stick--I wouldn't win any beauty padgeants either. Go figure!