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11-23-2004, 11:36 AM
Did you read that woman's blog.....breakupbabe..... the one from washington who tells about her love woes, sort of sex and the city type? Anyway, she just sold a book to Random House and credits the blog. I have a website but want an anonymous blog... It's time to shake up things. I want to draw attention to myself anonymously. I want to be bad. What's a good place to get a blog that's easy to navigate and doesn't cost a fortune? I'm so inept that I hired a webmaster to do the "real" site, but I want to let loose...any suggestions?

11-23-2004, 06:32 PM
Check out www.blogger.com (http://www.blogger.com).

It's free and seems quite staightforward.

Have fun!

Chacha slide ya'all ... :D

11-23-2004, 10:23 PM
I like www.blogger.com (http://www.blogger.com), too. It's owned by Google now, so it's likely to stay around. The templates are easy to use, and the addresses are easy to remember. I keep two and recommend them for anyone who needs to keep in touch with their "people."

Here are mine:
lrfarley.blogspot.com (http://lrfarley.blogspot.com)
bobfarley.blogspot.com (http://bobfarley.blogspot.com)

I also like the easy to use commenting system. Nothing to set up, it's pre-activated, but if you want to deactivate it, it's a simple click of a radio button.

Bob Farley

11-24-2004, 05:03 AM
I used opendiary.com. I stopped when my diary was featured in a Phoenix news story and they chose the ONLY mildly naughty entry in the entire thing. (I describe a kinky dream I had.) While I knew that people read my blog, and I enjoyed a few online friendships through the site, I thought a news story was a bit too much. I mean - really - didn't they have anything better to report on?

Maybe someday I'll take it up again. But for now, it's paper and code for me.

11-24-2004, 05:32 AM
Wow! A news station did a report on your blog :eek That's so weird... :rolleyes

11-24-2004, 05:35 AM
Yeah. Kind of a shocker. I didn't know about it until friends started emailing me. One of them even sent me a taping of the broadcast. Needless to say, I called the station in Phoenix and ripped them a new one. THAT part was fun. :evil

11-25-2004, 07:34 AM
Someone already mentioned blogger. It's a good one. The site linked in my sig (Ecritures) is on their site.

LiveJournal (http://www.livejournal.com) is also a good one and it's free as well.

If you want something like a subdomain, though, blogger would be the way to go so your name would be at the front of the URL instead of at the end.

11-25-2004, 07:57 AM
Thanks for all the advice. I have my own website for my fluff stuff, but now and then I like to rip and tear, and I don't want to alienate my "fans" of the fluff with some of my not-so-nice comments... I want to do one without my name being attached. but i won't be using cha cha boogie either... cha cha cha

11-30-2004, 10:12 PM
I use blogger, too. Here's mine:

dawncolclasureblog.blogspot.com/ (http://dawncolclasureblog.blogspot.com/)

11-30-2004, 10:20 PM
Blogger is good and free.

Typepad is also good but not free.

12-02-2004, 02:22 AM
I just wanted to let everyone know that this morning on Regis & Kelly live they were talking about blogger.com and what the site is all about. I thought that it was pretty cool.

I have a Blogger page but i am sure using it to it's fill capacity i don't really know how to get people to find me.

If anyone knows more about Blogger please let me know

12-02-2004, 05:46 AM
I finally got on, got me a blog name, and posted my first day's writing... I wanted to add a photo, however, so that took most of the morning...I downloaded the hello software and the other one (starting with P... forgot already), but I couldn't figure out how to put a photo on my blog... will play tomorrow. quite stupid, computer-wise... <img border=0 src="http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" />

12-02-2004, 11:53 AM
I too just got a blogger name I have two posts. I downloaded the same stuff but I can't seem to get my pic up. I can be pretty dumb too. Well good luck maybe I'll read something of yours one day. :D

12-02-2004, 07:43 PM
I can do anything on a computer as long as they supply me with information for dummies... such as, click on this, then go to this, then do this,,, etc.

I love it when they say, okay you've downloaded your stuff.. now just do it.

yeah, right.... it's like telling a baby to tie its own shoes.

Shadow Ferret
12-03-2004, 12:04 PM
Wow. People actually read these blog thingies?

Too weird.

12-03-2004, 03:43 PM
My blog is for me to write, and vent, and whatever... it's a personal journal of some sort. I know nobody is reading it, and honestly I don't care.

(Incidentally, however, an entry in my blog was published... go figure)

12-04-2004, 12:20 AM
MSN's new blog space is being criticized for censoring certain words. That seems pretty lame to me.

Which blog spaces do not censor at all?

12-04-2004, 02:01 AM
Isn't the blog the "too busy" man's website?

I don't know. You have to be a certain kind of person to blog, especially, daily. I feel our thread's creator, chachaboogie, is certainly qualified just on nick choice here along.

There are two blogs I read, but it's because one is written by a redhead in Georgia and the other a blonde in South Beach. I like those girls. You know the type: early twenties, late college or first real job, mild alcohol abuse, one's quasi-goth, the other blonde and fond of the color pink.

There's some dude in Chicago who has a blog I comment on occasionally to almost make a point.

A friend of mine has one that I use to keep up with him, assuming the chance of us ever meeting again is a low percentage, freakish occurence, at best.

I have an anti-blog on my website as a small laugh at the underlying conformity shown in places like blogger and blogspot and Xanga and wherever else. Granted there are, I'm sure, many entertaining and decent blogs out there. There were some bloggers who got some pub during the last election. They can be functional and certainly would suffice in curing chachaboogie's craving for anonymous showboating and the accompanying public encouragement.

Then again, I do have a photo blog for my pics at buzznet.

Aye! Hypocrisy, a dirty lady with good timing.


12-04-2004, 07:48 AM
Bob, loved the toilet thing...give yourself a swirly.

Yes, it's tough doing a blog daily, plus writing so many words on the novel in progress, plus reading 300 emails a day, and taking care of a menagerie.

bob would like my friend's blog:


but it ain't for the fair of heart... it's anti corporation, anti everything at its finest. and, no, i didn't write any of it.

12-04-2004, 10:02 PM
Sweet, I love anti-everything kind of stuff.
Thanks for the link.
It's just what I needed.
Another twenty minutes of my day down the drain.

12-20-2004, 09:44 PM
My web counter stopped counting. It just shows a red "x."

I went to Frank's site -- www.frankbaron.com -- clicked on his counter and got their website. A few steps later I got me a free counter that does a hell of a lot more than my old one.

I just have a few questions for Frank:

- Mine's free, but you get more if you pay for it. Is it worth playing for?

- How can you tell that a counter is accurate?

- What are you getting out of it?

www.marinosward.com/ (http://www.marinosward.com/)

aka eraser
12-20-2004, 10:11 PM
It is a nifty counter isn't it? A friend of mine sent me the info on it and my site designer www.infinitewebdesigns.com/ (http://www.infinitewebdesigns.com/) (<--shamless plug) set it up for me.

Mine is the freebie version too and I really don't know what extra bells and whistles might come with the paid version. The info I get from mine is enough for my purposes.

It just "seems" accurate. I guess I have no real way of knowing for sure, but IP addresses are logged. On the left-hand menu, under "Recent Visitors" click "Details." You'll see a list of visitors, how long they stayed and the # of page views. If you then click on the little number above each visitor another window will open showing IP address.

Most of that stuff is Greek to me but sometimes I click on the domain and get info on the country of origin. It's neat to find I've had visitors from Germany, Holland, South Africa etc.

One of the things you want to do early on is edit your account to ignore your own visits. Do that by clicking "Edit Account" under "Tools" on the bottom menu.

The biggest thing I get out of it is the length of time a visitor stays and the number of page views. Some only stay for 0 seconds (which seems tricky) but some stay for a half-hour or more. I like those ones because it shows they're enjoying the content.

12-21-2004, 02:18 AM
Good tip, my fin-hunting friend. I just ignored my own visits. Now, how long will it take for somebody besides me to hit on it? Hmmmm.

Strange how easy it was to install the counter--strictly a copy & paste job onto my Wordpad.

aka eraser
12-21-2004, 02:42 AM
Well, you just had one visitor. Really enjoyed that "First Love" story. If it hasn't found a paying home yet, it should.

12-21-2004, 03:13 AM
It already found a home in Field & Stream. Are you talking about adoptions?