View Full Version : Who I am, as well

Betty W01
08-25-2006, 09:30 PM
Hi, y'all! I'm Betty Winslow, the moderator from before, when things were getting a bit sticky and real life dragged me off into its cave. I'm back, though, and hope to be more active.

I, like Roger, am a born-again, spirit-filled, water-baptized, bible-believing Christian, and have been for about 34 years. I write from that worldview, mostly for secular markets. I'm married (34 years now), VP of a local Christian writers' group, board member of the local food pantry, a K-8 school librarian, and the mother of four (28, 22, 20, and eternally 21). I write regularly for Midwest Book Review, Teacher-Librarian, AW and Tiny Lights (either as a columnist or as a staff writer) and freelance wherever I can. I've been getting into travel writing lately, so traveling has been taking up more of my time, but I'll try to drop in regularly. (Feel free to e-mail me, too. Put AW in the subject line.)

I'm open for questions, comments, etc. on writing or Christianity or whatever. I'll do my best to reflect the character of Christ in here, but when (not if) I fail, please forgive me. God is still working on me and I'm nowhere near done. I'm not perfect and never pretended to be. (Yeah, you're right, I probably didn't need to say that - it's pretty obvious.) Welcome!