View Full Version : The "Lonely Moon" Short Fiction Contest (Featuring Author Anne Frasier)

08-22-2006, 05:14 AM
Over at my blog, The Clarity of Night (http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com), I'm hosting my third short fiction contest. The challenge is to compose a 250-word piece in any genre or style based on a photo prompt. But this contest is even more special. It is celebrating the release of USA Today Bestselling Author Anne Frasier's new book, Pale Immortal. All submissions to the contest are posted and indexed so that everyone can enjoy them and comment, including Anne, who is really looking forward to all the fun.

You can check out the prior contests here:


Prizes this time around include autographed copies of Pale Immortal and $90 USD in Amazon gift certificates.

Check out the contest announcement, prizes, and rules here:

The purpose of these contests is to have fun, learn from each other, and build community. The prizes are just to spice it up a little!!