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08-14-2006, 09:14 PM
I don't know if I'm in the right place to post this (haha), but I think this will do.

I have today off (um, sort of, though for some reason I'm still at my computer?) and trying to catch up on some things. One of them being this announcement.

WritingSpark.com (http://www.writingspark.com) launched its new Featured Site (http://writingspark.com/?page_id=32WritingSpark.com) page today, and has been warmly welcomed by readers. I've already started a schedule for upcoming featured sites due to the response! I thought I would let you all know about it, so, here's the deal -

Each week, WritingSpark.com will feature one writer-related/owned Web site. The site doesn't have to be all about writing, but it should be at least a little bit about writing. When featured, the site will be highlighted and pictures will be posted (if you wish). It will also touch on the "bragging rights" of the writer (awards, etc.).

Portfolios and writing blogs are also welcome.

If you're interested, you can send me an email to alicia@writingspark.com, or use the contact form (http://writingspark.com/form/use/Contact/form1.html), answering the following questions -

1. What is your name?
2. What is your site's name and url?
3. What is the purpose of your site?
4. What makes your site awesome?

Of course, these are just general questions to get me familiar with you and your site. The actual feature will be more indepth :)

Hope I hear from some of you!