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Doctor Shifty
08-10-2006, 04:39 PM
Title: Insiders
Author: Kim Miller


Published: February 2006
Publisher: Ginninderra Press (Mockingbird Imprint)
Format: Paperback - 205x145mm - 121 pp
ISBN: 1 74027 336 2
Price: $20.00 AUD

Seven stories of the journey within the mind -
A mother has never coped with her Down Syndrome son, and then comes the wedding;
A rape in a boy's home opens a door to a fearful past, and a secret weapon;
A woman sits in her favourite restaurant, but today the food will reveal a less than tasteful secret;
A man tries to explore his father's life, but even in death the father eludes him;
A woman thinks she knows her lover, until she finds the axe murderer's suitcase;
A man tries to swear, and he prays for a seagull - not much to go on, is it?
A teenager tries to walk backwards and away from the rail-tracks and the oncoming train;