View Full Version : Misplaced comma could cost company millions

Marilyn Braun
08-08-2006, 04:12 AM
I found this article and originally posted it in Freelance writing (in case you're wondering whether it looks familiar!)

TemlynWriting suggested it might be of interest in this forum too.


08-08-2006, 05:01 AM
I agree with the regulators' interpretation of the sentence. Lesson: don't sign a contract unless your reading comprehension is excellent.

08-08-2006, 07:50 AM
I'm not sure this would stand up is a U.S. court, since intent of contract law is often as important as the letter of contract law, but it shows why all conditions in a contract should be spelled out twice, and in a different manner each time.

In court, a U.S. court, it would depend on who wrote the contract, and what boths sides believed the contract meant at the time of signing, but commas really are that important.

08-08-2006, 11:47 PM
can we say "ouch"????????? I agree with James, it would seem to me that here in the states this ruling might not fly.


08-09-2006, 01:25 AM
The CRTC isn't a court. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is an independent agency responsible for regulating Canada's broadcasting and telecommunications systems. They report to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

I wonder if Roger's can take the issue to court. I would think the intent of the contract is more important than a misplaced comma, but that's just me. I wouldn't count on getting any sense out of a Canadian judge either.

08-09-2006, 01:44 AM
I'd guess that the two parties originally had opposite intents for the meaning of that sentence.