View Full Version : Problems with "I"

08-05-2006, 12:16 PM
My story is written in first person. It's given that "I" is used quite often.

The problem? Sometimes it seems to get all jumbled up. I did this, I did that, then I plan on blah blah blah. Is there anyway I can NOT use I so often and still get the same underlying result? Can I not use "I" that frequently and still be able to do something by "I"self? (hee hee hee, don't you love that scratching, bad grammar sound?)

Maybe, I'll have to do one of three things- Revise it so I can work around it (Something I'd prefer NOT to do)
Rewrite, but in third person (REALLY don't want to do)
or, Drop the entire thing (..........I just had my first heartattack..........)

So....any other, BETTER, suggestions?