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08-03-2006, 07:33 PM
Ordinarily I don't even attempt to look at videos because I'm on a sloooow dial-up connection. But this one loaded fairly quickly (thought I'd explain that for others who are on dial-ups) so I was able to watch it.

Anyway, this is a Blue-crowned conure just like Rio (the little guy in my avatar). The voice and body language are exactly like Rio's, and the little song-and-dance near the end is something Rio does, too. I couldn't understand anything the video conure said, though--and Rio speaks very plainly when he wants to. :D

Hope you get a kick out of this. I did! Here it is: Parrot Rant (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3LbwG8HODU)

08-03-2006, 08:24 PM
Oh, I love a good gourmet food video . . .

08-03-2006, 09:16 PM
Ya know, I just bet there's someplace online that sells cat muzzles. Time to surf. :D

08-03-2006, 09:18 PM
Just get us a grocery sack or some string . . . that keeps us entertained for hours. Well, it would . . . if we stayed awake that long.

08-03-2006, 09:23 PM
Spoken like a true cat. :D

08-03-2006, 09:28 PM
Whoa, I know your guy is WAY more articulate!

What a cool bird, though.

08-04-2006, 10:49 PM
HAhahaha !!! That bird made me chuckle :D

08-04-2006, 10:58 PM
Glad you all enjoyed it. I thought it was hilarious. :D

Today's action: Rio, my office assistant, was busy on my desk while I was working on something and not paying attention to him. By the time I realized what he was doing, he had shredded part of the cover of my steno pad and left beak marks all over my Strunk and White Elements of Style. I said, "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

He grumbled something at me (kind of like the scolding sound the video conure was doing), bit me on the finger, and then started making loud kissy noises to the plastic CD cover of my Lexicon of Parrots. His work is never done. lol

08-04-2006, 11:08 PM
Sounds like that bird needs a barbeque. With him as guest of honor!

08-04-2006, 11:09 PM
Oh, he likes barbeque!

Hey, wait a minute.....

08-04-2006, 11:30 PM
Ha! You know, a friend of mine has birds, and one time this cockatiel she had was on the table, nibbling on the Thanksgiving turkey. I told her it was a dangerous, cannibal bird and to watch out !

08-04-2006, 11:51 PM
I'd be happy to give Rio a brief mental status exam. He seems a little fixated on correct grammar usage and obviously has conflicted feelings about his human Mom.......hmm

08-07-2006, 10:19 PM
:ROFL: @ Nancy and Midnight.

With that bird, one never knows. Oh, hey, he'll be 20 years old this year! Woohoo!! Maybe we should do a barbeque or something. We'll just have to be careful not to get cat hair all over everything. wheeeeeeeee

08-08-2006, 08:22 AM
That was funny!

It sounded like a few phrases in there were, pretty bird, but I won't swear to it.

My nanday, Merlin, says I love you; kiss, kiss; I wanna dance and the first thing he learned was to laugh. My mother found Merlin on the roof of an IHOP. She talked to him and he flew down to her and let her pick him up. After she brought him home, he decided he wanted to be with me.

My yellow collared mini-macaw, Dooldles, says hello and loves to play peek-a-boo and gets after Merlin when he won't shut up. She's is one of the last imported and wears a bracelet with that number on it. I found her at a flea market seven years ago. Poor thing apparently had been left alone and had pulled out her breast and leg feathers. She didn't know what handling was, much less fruits, veggies or peanuts!

My cat, Mr. Lucky, ignores them both. Lucky was found treed by 2 of my mom's dogs at 2 months of age. Don't know where he came from, but is an American Curl.

Yes, a cat person caught in both worlds. :D

08-08-2006, 08:59 PM
My yellow collared mini-macaw, Dooldles, says hello and loves to play peek-a-boo and gets after Merlin when he won't shut up. She's is one of the last imported and wears a bracelet with that number on it.

Are there no mini-macaws imported from South America anymore?

That's cool that you rescued all your animals from bad situations.:)

08-08-2006, 10:24 PM
Are there no mini-macaws imported from South America anymore?

The importation of parrots stopped back in '92 or '93. Some birds (Rosifrons conures, for example) are imported in limited numbers for special breeding consortiums approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. :)

Deborah, Nandays are sooo beautiful! Don't you just love their little red stockings? And their glossy black heads, and the lovely wash of blue on their chests...just gorgeous. But they can be LOUD. Hehe.

Did Doodles regrow those plucked feathers? Poor baby. But it sounds like she has a great home now.

Okay...must shut-up...don't ramble on and on and on about birds........

08-09-2006, 12:02 AM
Little red stockings? From Vicky's Secret?

08-09-2006, 04:28 AM
Yes, I have saved them all. You should have seen Mr. Lucky at two months old. I could hold him in one hand, now I need a crane to lift his 25 pounds. My vet said he was going to be a big cat and he wasn't wrong!

God, yes, Merlin is loud! But he's beautiful and so silly!

Doodles has a few chest feathers and all of her leg feathers now. I forgot to all that she's missing two toes on one foot and one toe on the other, that were either taken off my mama bird or when she was imported.

Now, this is what's interesting: After having her for two years, a clear bone or it actually looks like a nail began growing. My vet was surprised and couldn't understand why and how. My guess was her diet. What's your thoughts on this A?

08-09-2006, 04:38 AM
Where is it growing? Where one of the missing toes should be? That's odd. Might be diet-related, especially is she's on a really healthy, nutritious diet now and was on a really bad diet before you got her. Did the vet run any tests?

08-09-2006, 06:05 AM
It's right where a nail should be. No, he didn't run any tests on her. Before she had a hard time moving around and couldn't stand on one foot, where she can now.

I think it was her diet. When I put three fruits on a string for them to nibble on, she didn't know what it was for. Then she watched Merlin eating from it and began her adventure of learing new foods.

I also fix a bean/corn mix for them. When I pull out the corn tortillias, Merlin has a fit until he gets some pieces to nibble on.