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Cathy C
07-22-2006, 01:29 AM
Someone here posted recently (before the great server outage!) that they wished they could find a recent book that dealt with 1700's England (King George period). Well, I just happened to notice one in THIS month's Romantic Times (and I should have remembered it, too--since she's a chapter mate of mine in RWAOnline! :poke: )

Anyway, it's called Ask for It by Sylvia Day from Kensington Brava. It got a 4 Star rating over there (out of 4-1/2). If you happen to subscribe to the magazine, you can read the review online. Here's the link (http://www.romantictimes.com/books_review.php?book=29512), but the review isn't up yet.

It'll be out in August. Hope that helps whoever asked! :)

07-22-2006, 08:24 AM
Hahahaha! That's funny because that's when my book is set. Oh, but, uh . . . min'es not published. :)


07-29-2006, 07:53 AM
How funny! Many people prefer Regency over Georgian -- or, eek! mistake the two. I have a Georgian coming out in Feb. 07 from Medallion Press, and have had several advance reviewers call it a Regency, which it's not.

My book's called "An Unexpected Engagement," and it's set in 1748, the heart of Georgian England, right on the edge of the English industrial revolution. I've got an excerpt up at my website, if anyone's interested. :) Please feel free.

This is one of my favorite time periods in history, and personally, I consider it much more interesting than the Regency. If anyone writes this time period, be sure to check out the Costumers Manifesto at costumes.org -- this is a fantastic site for any history author. They have pictures and articles galore of historical garments and accessories, categorized by date and era. An invaluable resource!