View Full Version : mentor sought by YA sci-fi/fantasy unpublished author

07-16-2006, 03:19 AM

As a 24 year old who has no kids and (ahem) does NOT hang around with 10-16 year olds) I would be interested in contact from the following:

1. People who read young adult/teen sci-fi and fantasy for pleasure who wouldn't mind critiquing exerpts of my longer stories, or short stories for 10+.

2. A more experienced (than me, not group 1) writer of sci-fi/fantasy who could provide advice/encouragement/criticism.

Just so you know what you'd be getting into, my stuff tends to have the following qualities:

eccentricity, bleak humour
serious message but hidden under story rather than broadcast as moral
protagonists are small group of kids
complex adult characters
multicultural, not homophobic but not too pc and no explicit sex
linear. (Flashbacks etc rare)
POV almost always 'God-narrator' who sticks with the one character who is always in the action. Short stories are usually first person though.
spirituality but not mainstream religious.
50% dialogue. Fast-paced.
Strong female characters. And usually a dog.
Goodies have bad points, baddies generally think they're doing 'good' rather than being Dr Evil types.
I wouldn't class my writing 'style' as 'experimental' - although sometimes purple prose gets the better of me. Hence my asking for help here; my friends - bless them, are not cruel enough, and neither is my ex!

If anyone would be interested in helping me in whichever way, I'd really appreciate it. My email is lycaenops@gmail.com.

If anyone wants my opinion on some YA fiction, feel free to send it to me as I read YA for fun anyway. I also love all kinds of short stories - send me those too! I don't read many 'adult' (heh heh) books though, so wouldn't be much use to 'adult' (snigger) writers unless it was short stories, lesbian erotica (but not with vampires) or comic sci-fi. Bring it on!

Thanks for your help, and good luck to everyone! I only discovered this site 2 days ago and it is excellent. It is also the first internet forum I have ever used, so if I offend anyone I apologize - I have Asperger's and am not always perfect at construing what sounds unfriendly or offensive, especially online. Also, I am a 'newbie' to forums in general.