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07-13-2006, 08:27 PM
I MOVED THIS FROM MY PREVIOUS THREAD. THE TITLE WAS FAR TOO VAGUE, SO I DELETED IT. Here's the post again, I am not trying to spam or annoy, simply looking for a partner. Sorry for the mishap!

I've started to think a critique partner and/or a brainstorming partner would be lovely.

I haven't come to a dead end with my writing, but I think my fuse might meet it's end soon. I cannot afford to meet this potential block, since I've been on a roll lately. If that snowball were to stop rolling, children will be sacrificed, villages will be rampaged, monsters will run wildly through fields of blood, salt will be sown into the nation's soil, and the strongest of men will gnash their teeth with terror!

So you see, this cannot happen. :)

And of course, Partner A (me) will give feedback on Partner B's (you!) work. That's a given.

I'm a little inexperienced. I don't have any credentials backing me up or anything like that (typing this in could be my downfall, now that I think of it. I'll leave it there, it's only fair that you should know that I may become a hackjob in the near future).

HELP ME HELP YOU! The experience will be valuable and I usually pick up on things rather quickly. Who knows, in time, with your help, I may become the best critique partner this enitre dimension has ever seen!

So what do you say?

My emails-

or, you could always consider tossing a PM my way!

Also, more than one partner would be fantastic. The more the merrier! If we get enough, which I doubt we will, we may be able to start a group on the thread boards.... HHMMMMM!!!!

Have fun, thanks for reading,

Soccer Mom
07-13-2006, 09:06 PM
Could you give a little more info?

Genre? Background?

07-13-2006, 09:28 PM
Could you give a little more info?

Genre? Background?

AH! Oh, you must forgive me for being so mindlessly vague. (blush)

I usually write fantasy, sci-fi, and horror (the endless trifecta of cliched, but wonderous, writing). Sometimes I like to dabble into philosphy and perspective, but I usually save that for short stories.

Of course, if I'm given the right idea, I can write anything at the right time.

I'm willing to read, and give feedback for, quite a wide variety of genres. I usually stay far, far away from historical non-fiction and the like, though.

07-25-2006, 09:10 AM
i'm writing a book, a journal that is like a prose poems, one can say and is seriousely in need of someone is familiar with writing poetry and is good with recognizing when a prose poem should close.

I have years of experience in writing poetry and have had my poems published, nominated for competitions and performed my work, so I can offer critique for poetry or erotic stories as an exchange for being my mentor in prose type poems. I have some ideas for thriller and scary stories in which I was told I should go into writing, and have raed many horror books, so I can offer critique and feedback in that as well. I dream scary movies, they are so realistic, they are actual scary movies that I dream, I know taht I'm dreaming, and it is like I'm watching them. lol. I dream scary movies alot. I try to write them down as I awake.

Let me know if this interest you.