View Full Version : Self-Isolation ? Send a Card! (Or even a letter)

AW Admin
04-01-2020, 05:11 PM
Now is a great time to send someone a card or letter. Email, Skype, and Zoom aside, there's something wonderful about a card or note that's not expected, that says someone is thinking about you!

A letter is tangible. It can be re-read at times when the solitude gets to be too much.

It doesn't have to be fancy. A postcard, or lined notepaper is fine. Just letting someone know they aren't alone is really helpful.

Reasons To Write

Get in touch with those you miss that aren't digitally connected.
Writing a card (or sending a drawing) is a fabulous way to get kids occupied, and a response will help keep them interested in writing.
Postcrossings (https://www.postcrossing.com), a postcard exchange that's international, is loads of fun. (You can buy postcards online, you can print your own from your Android or iPhone or use Moo.com (https://www.moo.com/) to print a batch of 20 postcards (https://www.moo.com/us/postcards/original) for $21.00, custom from your photos, even notecards)
You can buy postage (and postcards) online from pretty much any national postal service.
Send a note to that neighbor that you don't really know but that you think is alone. Ask how they are, and if they need anything.
Write your kids, your siblings, or your parents, even if you regularly call them.

Who are YOU going to write? Think about how you feel when you get a hand-written note in the mail.

04-01-2020, 06:16 PM
This is also the time to write, or at least sign, that card with your fancy pen and ink. What are you saving it for?

Taylor Harbin
04-02-2020, 03:30 PM
I second this motion. I have a few pen pals and getting letters from them always brightens my day. Perks of being a typewriter collector is that you're always looking for an excuse to use one, and correspondence is a great excuse.