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05-08-2019, 12:09 AM
I guess a short version of how I wrote my novel would be fitting for this section. It started with a Daydream I had at work when I was 19. I was so fascinated with the scene that had come to my mind, I needed to expand upon it.

Over the next few years I would try numerous times to sit down and write out the story I was developing. Contriving numerous prologues and countless ways to start the first chapter, I never made it farther than the beginning of the second chapter before giving up unsatisfied with my work.

Eventually I would give up altogether distracted by other aspects of my youth. A few years would pass before I would open up the old file containing the last failed attempt to write my story. However, I never stopped thinking about the story, like watching a favorite series in my mind, I would continue to develop my Tale.

After years of daydreaming, developing my spell system and mapping out my universe, in my late twenties I once again began writing my story. This time I was far more impressed with my writing ability, even my dialogue which was my greatest flaw was far more satisfying to read. And for the first time I was able to complete the first three chapters without even a little bit of writer's block.

Over the next couple years I would continue writing in my spare time. Never putting any serious time into my work as I was focused on other goals in my life. Despite the obvious setbacks and frustrations, things were going so smooth I even toyed with ideas of other novels to write. Until one fateful day after beginning one of my most anticipated chapters, the computer I was using glitched and the entire file was lost.

Due to outdated laptops and obvious precautions I did have backup files on a flash drive and other devices. Unfortunately, in my laziness and arrogance the youngest file I had was over a year old and several chapters behind. The pain I felt was equal to the last time I lost a pet. When it finally sank in, I literally cried for days. I even considered giving up altogether.

Finally I decided I needed a break but could not give up on writing so I shifted gears and wrote a short novel called Purple Cats have Nine Lives. A narration of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I had hosted as a dungeon master. A humorous tale where one of the players characters died in nearly every mission, and ironically that character was a cat creature.

After completing that novel I was in a better state of mind and returned to writing my Masterwork. With the extra writing exercise and being turned on to a voice to text app I could get for my phone called jotterpad, I was able to rewrite my lost materials in just a few short months. Not only restoring my work but also overcoming obstacles I was having in my past writing. Excitedly I would continue to complete my novel just a few months after that! Making sure of course to backup my work after every chapter and once a week.

Now I have edited a few times myself, after being introduced to a really effective editing program online, grammarly. I am now seeking an agent to take my work to the next step. That is how I found my way to this site.

05-10-2019, 07:42 PM
Hey buddy, just wanted to say good luck and thank you for sharing your process with us.
Writing is a long hard road in my experience and it involves plenty of side roads and distractions.

I wish you all the best luck with your writing in the future and...MAKE BACK UPS!!! :)

05-12-2019, 03:35 AM

I just wanted to say congrats on finishing your novel. I really admire your perseverance through the heartbreak. I have no idea what I would do if my files were to be lost. I wish you the best of luck when finding an agent.

And for the future maybe you should try out google docs. That way you won't have to worry about hardware failures since your work will be kept online. Just make sure to keep backups in case. :)