View Full Version : Looking for corn farmer(s) to read ~2k words for authenticity

04-03-2019, 10:58 AM
I have a chapter where a character is noticing some odd things about a farmer compared to "normal farmers." Some concerns corn crops specifically. There is also a little description from elsewhere of the inside of a barn and some equipment that I'd like checked for authentic voice. I've researched as best I could, but would love if I could get someone who either grew up in the 80s farming corn or is currently doing so to give it a read. These are basically the spots where I try the hardest to make readers buy that my character is a real farm boy.

I'd be happy to do a couple chapters or a short story crit in return.

04-04-2019, 12:55 AM
Hey, I saw no one had jumped on this, and I thought I'd suggest you reach out to your local cooperative extension? We have them in NC, but I think they're called Agricultural Extension Service in Colorado (thanks, google). I used to call mine when I was a reporter for a wide variety of reasons. Always nice helpful folks.

04-04-2019, 05:26 AM
I didn’t initially respond because I was never a farmer, but I spent my teen years on my parents’ small (180-acre) Iowa farm, circa 1972-1978. We had maybe 100 acres in corn most years, but I wasn’t fond of farming, was eager to go away to college and not return, and did my level best to remain as disengaged from it as allowed. :evil

With those caveats, I can try to help, if you get no better offers? The business of US farming was already in transition in the 1970s, from its smaller-scale, family-oriented roots into multi-thousand-plus-acre agri-businesses that rent the land rather than own it, so I’m not entirely sure my memories (such as they are) are relevant. Our equipment was also mostly small, old (circa 1940s-60s), and constantly patched-together by my dad, as compared to the behemoths that began to appear to plant & harvest large-scale operations in the 80s.

04-05-2019, 04:26 PM