View Full Version : Mentioning other books when querying a novella

01-02-2019, 11:57 AM
A writer I know (not on these boards) is about to jump into querying trenches again. Novellas used to be a very difficult (impossible?) sell but seem to be more hopeful as options these days, at least according to some of Janet Reid's blog post, and Writer-friend would like to try querying their novella.

Generally, you don't mention other books when writing query letters, but I wondered if that would be worth doing in a novella query? Just a kind of, "I do write other things, too" type comment in the housekeeping (more professional than that phrasing, but you know.)

Complication: the other books are in the thriller genre, and the novella is literary/spec fic.

01-05-2019, 04:21 AM
I have a feeling that novellas will be sold to the markets that take them (ie: Tor), so writer friend might have to really do her research as to whose stuff the novella markets are buying and which agents actively submit to them. They'll need to be markets that pay a decent rate, at least 6-10 c a word (shrug)