View Full Version : Green light to sending full manuscript?

11-01-2018, 11:10 PM
A bit of a silly question, but correspondences with agents always have me second-guessing myself!

If an agent responds to your query (and first chapter of your MS as directed in their querying guidelines) requesting that you "send it" to them as they would like to read it, without specifying how many chapters you should be sending ... is that a green light to sending the full manuscript? Or should I be sending a 6-or-so-chapter partial?

I would ask the agent directly, but you never know which agents would be annoyed by that, or how long it might be before they see the e-mail and respond. Hoping someone else might be able to help me interpret this request :-)

11-01-2018, 11:47 PM
Sounds like a full manuscript request to me.

11-02-2018, 01:15 AM
Send the full. Congrats and good luck!

11-02-2018, 02:30 AM
Yeah, it's a full request. It's a great accomplishment!!!!! Congrats!!!

11-02-2018, 01:16 PM
Cheers, all!

Barbara R.
11-02-2018, 06:24 PM
Full ms. And congrats.

11-02-2018, 09:20 PM
That's a full request - congratulations and good luck!

11-03-2018, 01:23 AM
Thank you!

Paul Scott
11-22-2018, 04:29 PM
Hey, congrats on your success with an agent. I am approaching a stage where I am researching obtaining an agent for my novel. Did you approach a high number of agents at one time and how long did you have to wait to hear back from them in your experience?